We landed in England yesterday.

Hardly any troubles along the way.  Which surprised me.

I have the cutest nephew ever.  And no.  Im not bias.  Its just the truth.

When I left Alaska to come here, I was TOLD the weather was Springy.  So I packed shorts.  And a light sweater.  No coat or heavy sweaters.  On the plane from LA here they said the weather in England was “Absolutely Freezing.”  I laughed.  And then we got here.  And it was.  Absolutely freezing.  Mainly because I had no coat.  And because I didnt bring a coat, of course its supposed to snow here Sunday.  Figures.

It seems weird.  Being here.  With the whole family.  And Judah.  Nicely weird, and just right.  Sitting in a room, on a couch, with my sister – who has a laptop on her lap.  Googling for pancake recipes.  And mom.  Whos in the chair across from us.  With little Judah.  JD.  Or, Judah Bug.

And for now, thats all thats going on here.  Just being.  In England.  With the fam.

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