This is a post written by my sister, who has started to co-blog with me!  She currently lives in England, with her husband and their new son, Judah! 

It was a big day in lil Judah’s life.

He was about to go out to town, for his first big outing!

He had clothes put on…

…and got bundled up in his little gray bear suit.

And out he went!

The first stop was coffee…

There was lots of good coffee to choose from.

Judah and Grandma have coffee and conversation.

Judah is sleepy.

Judah doesnt like coffee…but he likes to sleep.

On the way to the grocery store, Judah is still sleeping.

Judah went to a few different stores…

At one of the stores, Judah saw a teddy bear. The teddy bear matched his bear suit!

Then Judah came home and visited his great nan.

He showed her his new bear shoes.

Judah is happy to report, that he likes town very much, let’s go back again sometime!

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One thought on “Judah’s Big Day Out

  1. CJ says:

    I didnt think it was possible….but hes officially gotten cuter!!! And those little shoes!!!! Gah! CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!!

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