Im not committing to a 365 project, because if its anything like last year, I will just get to the end of the year and have LESS pictures than I would if I had just kept up with what I was doing – enjoying what I do.  This year I don’t want to get better at photography.  I want to be happy with what I can do.  With my results.  And if I improve, great.  If not.  Atleast I will have had fun doing what I enjoy, and not pushing myself to that place where I just want to throw my camera out the door because well, everyone can do so much better than I (not saying I still don’t think about this).

Looking back over the year, I seem to touch on the highlights of things.  The highs and lows.  The in-betweens get lost, and sometimes…the in-between are the best part.  Like with a pb&j sandwich, without it, you would just have bread.  I like looking back and remembering those silly moments, the things that are long forgotten at the end of the year.  The moments that didn’t make the cut, or the Christmas news letter – THOSE are the things that I am trying hard to write this year.

Its been my motivation this week.  Taking a picture of something that caught my attention.  That in an ordinary day – was something that called my name.  The pictures arent the best (Im no pro) and they arent edited this week.  They are just how I saw them at the time.  Its just how the week has been.  A little crazy, kind of slow, with some candy tossed in to keep things sweet.

{Click for a bigger view}

01.08 / The "List"

01.06 / The "Note"

01.07 / Playing with fire

01.08 / Sleeping

01.09 / Sun vs. Clouds

01.10 / Oh PLEASE!?

01.11 / Did you see THAT!?

01.12 / Dog art

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