I had a dream last night.  A dream that there were sheep trying to get into my bed.

“Amanda!” I yelled.  “SHEEP!  They are getting in my bed.  AGAIN!”

A sleepy voice replied.  “Kick them.  Kick them out.  All of them!”

And so I did.  I began kicking.  Frantically.  Kicking.  Slowly the sheep started to fall off the bed.

All but one.  One stubborn sheep hanging onto the edge of the bed.  I kicked its nose.  It just stared.  “This sheep wont leave!” I yelled to Amanda.  But there was no reply.

And there were no sheep.

It was Yoshi.

Looking frantic.  Wondering why I was yelling, and kicking her in the nose.

Poor dog.

Poor sheep.

2 thoughts on “Sheep in the bed

  1. A Manda & JD says:

    LOL!!! Wow poor Yoshi! Well, she does random things sometimes too, so I’m sure she understands. LOL a sheep that wont leave the bed, thats what you get for counting sheep! Seems like I had a weird dream last night too,m but I cant remember it, typical. Who was the other sheep that left the bed? And who was the sleepy voice replying to you?

    1. CJ says:

      It was the classical end to a sci-fi sort of film, er, dream “…and then I woke up, was all a dream” LOL! Everything was in my dream, cept the part about me kicking. And apparently, I was talking to myself cause last time I checked…you werent over in your bed!!!

      P.S – Like your new name 🙂

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