I found this recipe online.  It looked simple.  It looked easy.  It looked like something I could do!  It was only a few ingredients, looked cute, and off to work I set!  Feeling especially bold I changed things up just a little.  It calls for something called “Red melting disks” and after talking to a few “Baking fiends” I figured my idea would work!  Why not just melt white chocolate and add red food dye?  Thinking I was onto the next big idea I dumped an entire package of white chocolate chips into a pan.  Added some butter – and turned the burner on.  Then I squirted red food dye in.  It looked like a vampire had attacked.  Or I had cut my finger while chopping candy canes!  As I stirred, I began to realize it was not working how I thought it would.  It looked a little on the thick side.  Thinking I needed something more “Liquid” like I added more butter.  Quickly I had a ball of … nothing.  A bright pink ball of chocolate.

Trying to recover quickly – I added some peppermint.  It quickly became less of a ball, and turned into something like I had never seen before.  Like everything had separated.  There was “Liquid” forming in little puddles.  Butter splattering, and a hard like substance underneath.  Thinking maybe this was how it was suppose to be I grabbed a bugle, and dipped it in.  When I pulled it out, I had a bright pink bugle…and then it broke.

Bugle stuck (duck stuck)!!!


When I was making fudge, I stumbled across a realization.  Amanda wasn’t here this year to help split the blame!  When I looked at the recipe, it looked familiar, but when I set out to work – I didn’t remember doing ½ the things on there.  Adding sugar to sour cream?  What?  Stir?  I didn’t recall any of this.  I also didn’t recall trying to stir and chop off my fingers at the same time.  What I did remember was chopping candy canes – that came back really quick.  How to chop them at the right angle and how not to get pieces flying, also how not to chop your finger off.  I remembered pouring marshmallows in, but didn’t remember it being THAT difficult.  Which is when I realized – she did ½ the things, while I did the other ½.  Trying to do something on your own, that your used to doing with another person?  Difficult!  To say the least!  But I did it, and no fingers were chopped in the process.


With Amanda not being here this year, Christmas shopping has landed fully on my lap.  Shopping is not something I enjoy.  Christmas shopping is something I like even less!  But this year, I knew it would be up to me, and decided to snag some good deals online.  Hoping this would help make the season a little less…stressful.

The final tally?  54 people.  Thankfully that could be downsized to 17 families.  And also slimmed down just a bit more by cutting out the “Parents” and just sending a group gift of fudge.  But the general idea is there.  There were a whole heck of a lot of people to shop for.

And that’s not including the family here!!!!

Yesterday was the big day – I managed to squeeze most of the gifts into small mailers – that helped A LOT with the budget!  I didn’t get a final picture, but I think we ended up with 3 medium boxes, and atleast 10 little ones.  Theres one box that still needs an address.  Two that got sent in the same box.  One that hasn’t been bought for yet.  But the majority is OUT!

I like to send everyone the “Same thing” just because its easier, but there are those few people who are vegetarian, sugar free, dieting type that you cant send the regular stuff.  Thus the specialty items.  The good news?  Most of this stuff was under $5 and a lot of it was under $3!

The nail polish I found online for $13 for 15!  The mini lotions I got for $2 I think, plus free shipping!  The socks were on sale, the salmon was a different brand this year – but ½ price!  And the chocolate bars were $1.  Score!

I was especially proud of this.  Three different things from three different places – and it wasnt even planned!  I had bought the lotion with this girl in mind, when picking out socks, I grabbed that particular pair for her, and when putting it all together I found the purple polish that fit perfectly!

Mini polish all wrapped up!

Yoshi kept wanting part way hugs, she kept jumping up in the middle of the wrapping scene wanting a hug!

The final scene!!

Not pictured: The fudge – that I made, some sketch books I got online for ½ price, tins, candy, and being buried under a pile of paper, bows, and tape!!!

Now?  Friends and family here!

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