My goals for this week:

Finish mailing out the Fall Specials (so close, yet so far!) All 214!!
Clean! Clean! Clean!
Finish projects I started
Spend more time with mom
Say something ‘nice’ instead of mean
Be thankful
Spent more quality time with God (Im sad to even have to put this on a list)
Take pictures everyday! (I can almost hear myself laughing)
Ride to town atleast once
Walk daily
Write a post worth reading
Drop stuff off at the second hand store (a feat that has been needing to happen for two weeks now!) YEA!!!
Clean desk off (gulp)
Operation Christmas Child shoe box
Housewarming gift

I hate lists, but love crossing things off. So here goes. Happy October week!

What are your goals this week? Anything special you hope to accomplish?

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One thought on “Goals

  1. A Manda says:

    I liked to set goals for little things, that way they are easier to cross off! I used to do a big list with things like ”wake up, make bed, eat breakfast, brush teeth… finish 5 books of math” that way at the end of the day when I hadnt finished off those 5 math books, I’d still be able to look at the list with great satisfaction and notice that everything else at least, managed to get crossed off.

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