Far too few pictures.  But so many memories.  I gave myself permission to forgo blogging, and just be there in the moment for a few weeks, and Im glad I did.  I havent even thought much about it, to be honest.  Amanda and David were here for two months, and they just left today.  Already the office seems too quiet, and I do what I say I never do…and miss them.

But Im back.  And I really hope to get back into posting, and taking pictures – yea, perfect timing on my part, now that the weather has taken a change for the rain(ier) season I decide to pick Nik back up and go shoot something.  Ah well.

For now…I will be happy with the few pictures I took, and the many memories that were made.

Yay for sisters (and dogs, and waterfalls, and inside jokes, and shiny things!)

Yay for happy times.

One day…looking back you will either laugh at the memory, or you simply wont remember at all. I hope I can laugh, because I want to remember everything about these past few months. Miss you already, Capn!

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