Its been a while since I have joined in on this…I was looking back over the past things that I had posted – most of which were “Cake.”  I thought about putting up another “Cake” post 🙂 Because cake always = happy.  Right?  But yesterday, my sister and I had the random opportunity to do something that I had forgotten how much I missed.

Just spending time with her, being goofy.  When no one else understands.  The random bursts of laughter.  The dance moves in stores.  The random purchases.  Statements.  Conversations.  Things that you cant do when she is millions of miles away…

But yesterday – we snagged a good deal on matching pajamas.  Hey – who says you are ever too old to match your sister in jim-jams??  Well, if nothing else – we arent THAT old yet 🙂

We happened into a shop who gave “Us locals” a good deal.  We both ended up with a matching pair or jammies, and she pretty much threw in matching socks!  We were pumped.  To say the least.

Happiness is spending time with your sister who has been living millions of miles away (boo) and getting matching jammies with her!

Bonus: the shiny ones in the corner were a good snag at the second hand store, we had already found our matching set – I dont think anyone really understood our excitement!

2 thoughts on “Happines Project: Jim-Jams!

  1. Sarah says:

    Ha ha. Love them!

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