Since I cant seem to come up with anything worth saying about our trip (Even though I have plenty, give me time it will happen) I figured I would write about the littlest one around here.  Or, well, the one who was SUPPOSED to be the littlest.

Everyone loves a good Yoshi post, don’t they?

And well, since its been a while since I have done any posting on her, a lot has changed!

*sniff sniff*

Little girls all done grown up on us!

Our brown eyed princess

We are watching a dog for a month, like we do every summer.  He is a giant yellow lab.  Yoshi, is supposed to be a tiny yellow lab.  But it would appear that she has made it her personal goal to not only outgrow her hated crate, but to be just as tall as Jake.  Figures.

Shes a wild little nut.  Who still loves to run, play, and jump.  Yes.  That dog can get some air too!

Super dog - thinks she can fly

I personally think she has a little bit of sheep dog in her, because she likes to be in charge, herding and leading the group, and generally telling everyone else what to do.  Mom says shes just a brat.  A brat that apparently Ive created.  Whatever!  I say shes a sweet little pup that still only weights less than 20 pounds.  Denial?

Who me? No, never.

Shes a pest at times, but shes learning.

As am I.

Shes mostly potty trained, and hasn’t had an accident for a while now – watch now that I have spoken she will!  She will however, go on the floor if you a) Don’t listen to her demands and take her out or b) Shes not happy (that you wont listen to her!)

She LOVES treats.  Especially people treats.  I know I know I know.  But shes too cute.  And she looks like you are abusing her if you don’t share ½ your meal with her.  She *thinks* she likes everything but her favorite of all time is yogurt.  Dog loves her some yogurt!  The other day I was giving Jake a treat of broccoli – he only likes the stem, the bushy part I think confuses him.  But he gobbles up the stem.  Yoshi thought she would like to try some…but promptly spit it out.

Best seat in the house!

She isn’t fat, but someone said it best a few weeks ago – she looks like a buff little body builder!  Dog is STRONG!  And doesn’t mind showing it.

How do I do it? Well for starters...

She still holds her nightly routine of just a few minutes before she crashes for the night – she TEARS around the house like a mad woman.  She runs the “loop” around the couch/piano atleast ten times.  Occasionally flying over the end of the couch and taking a short cut.  Then?  Shes usually out for the night.  Before bed she has to go potty – or she wont sleep.  She will sit in her crate and whine.  And cry.  And howl.  And carry on.  Before going potty.  In her crate.

Shes learning new words – come and no being the top two that we are working on.  She KNOWS what it means.  But she doesn’t always listen.  She knows “NO” but she doesn’t LIKE the word, so she doesn’t always listen to it.  She knows how to “Come” but sometimes…well…sometimes something was more interesting, like “Look!  A chicken!”

What can I say? Im a bird dog!

She watches TV – a bit too much perhaps.  Last night we were watching a bird related cartoon – she ran to the TV, put her paws up and stood there head jerking back and forth.  She spent a good 10 minutes laying on the couch watching said movie before she gave up.

Shes might not be our tiny little Yoshi bear who naps in our arms anymore.  Shes much too busy for that.  But she still LOVES her some Slim time.  I think Slim loves her some Yoshi too, but she also enjoys her alone time.  And with Yoshi, alone time is DEFINITELY a must!

What I lack in size I make up for with 'tude!

Shes a little nut with a big personality.  Whoever says dogs don’t have personalities, has never met Yoshi!

Just look at me…all growed up!


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