You guys?  I totally forgot it was Thursday until I was about ½ way through everyone else’s posts.  I some reason, thought everyone was doing their 4th of July post on the same day.  When I did finally realize it was Thursday, and that it was the day to post all things patriotic I started to go through my pictures of the 4th, got distracted, ran upstairs to do my hair – and poof!  The power went out.

And there in the dark I stood – contemplating just about everything under the sun, except that there is no sun today, and we leave in less than a week.  Infact, we leave on Monday.  Which means we technically only have a few days LEFT before we LEAVE this great land of the Brave and the free, and right now I am not feeling very brave.  Leaving this good old country.  For another.  That isn’t brave.  Or free.  Or maybe it is.  I don’t know.

So there you have it.

The 4th was wet here.  Like seriously wet.  And windy.  Crazy windy.  But it didn’t seem to damped anyone’s spirits.  Just a few coats and jeans.

Of course, the fireworks were canceled thanks to the rain, and wind.  Someone said something about it not being a good idea for boy scouts to be out in the water with 6 foot waves and fireworks.  Or something.  Whatever THAT meant.

Sticking with tradition we got cotton candy and lumpia.

Fun fact #1 – cotton candy is known as candy floss in England.  Obviously, America is right.

Fun fact #2 – I dont think I have ever posted a picture of dad.  Or mom and dad together.  Say it with me: “Hi mom and dad!”

I really was wishing I had brought my zoom lens when I saw this man, all decked out from head to toe – literally!

Im always amazed at how their feet go in sync.  Im also a little nervous that they might turn on me and start shooting with their guns.  They arent loaded, are they?

And this guy?  Well I wasnt PLANNING on taking his picture, but he seemed like he really wanted me to.  He kept smiling and staring.  So I snapped (a picture), then he turned the other way.

A duck!  I really have NO idea what this has to do with the 4th of July, but our town seems to go absolutely NUTS with the ducks on the 4th.  This year was no exception.

Men in skirts kilts – with bagpipes

Doggie!!!  Is it Spot?  Or Patch?  I honestly cant remember!

Happy 4th!

One thought on “You Capture: Patriotism

  1. Colleen says:

    I love that everyone got out there and partied even though it was rainy and there wouldn’t be fireworks. Great photo of the guy all decked out and the reflection in the wet pavement makes all the rain worth it. 🙂

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