She just loves her new friend Slim.

Pretty Very Accurate Photo of life right now!!


She just isnt too sure what to think of this yellow ball that runs around chewing on her paws.

“Haha!  I got your paw Slim!”

Shes cute, and funny.  And tickles you with her licks – and then tries to pierce your ears when you start to laugh.

She likes to sit on your lap – but gets oh so excited at the sound of the keyboard and wants to try and help type too!

She isnt fully potty trained yet.  She doesnt appreciate her crate and sleep the way she should.  Both of which kept me up late, and got me up early.

She has razors.  Not teeth.  Razors – which with one snip – she snipped my internet cord.

“Come on yo’ Slim, Lets play!!”

Shes all puppy.  All the time.

Full of energy, full of love, full of everything and anything she does.

“You n me Slim?  Were buds!”


Small.  Yellow.  Social.  Thinks shes a big girl.


Big.  Black.  Shy.  Thinks shes a baby.

Those two?  I think they will be great friends.  Slim is one patient dog, an Yoshi?  She needs someone with A LOT of patience.

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