Have you ever, on a Saturday afternoon, randomly hopped up and rode your bike 6 miles into town to get some candy to photograph?


Me either.

Ok, so I did.  I admit it.  I did.  After debating on it all afternoon, I decided to just go for it, grabbed my debit card, and camera and rode off to town.  Nearly giving myself a heart attack when crossing the streets.

I only told myself a few hundred times to stop TALKING to  myself.

Oh, and also for your mental viewing pleasure try this on for size: I was riding, minding my own business – when I saw a man coming towards me on the sidewalk, I decided to go off the curb and ride on the road to pass him.  He waved, I waved, and then went to go back on the curb.  But I hit it wrong, read, sideways – and literally went SPLAT all over the sidewalk.

My first thought, sadly, was “That could have been embarrassing.”

Pictures to follow.

Categories: Life

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