Ive had a bit of a time with the photo challenges these past few weeks, with my main subject being a gazillion and one miles away.  But I guess thats the purpose of challenges, to challenge.  So I wont complain TOO much.

There was a lot of fun this week, but it was kind of difficult to capture because there really wasnt anything TO capture.  Just me trying to sneak in random bits of fun.

I had a lot of fun getting reacquainted with Nik this week.

What can I say, we love us some flowers, and the flowers remind us that Spring is COMING and Spring is FUN!

I had fun sneaking up on these guys – who were – less than impressed with me.  Were talking about getting some baby chicks again this year.  Well, actually, I take that back – as soon as I get my rear into gear, we are going to be getting some baby chicks.  Thats always fun!  The chicks that is, not getting my rear in gear!

And I had fun walking this girl down to see this view

Which, you know, is always fun!

And thanks to my lovely and very creative sister – I have a brand new header – which I am in LOVE with – and you know, is ALSO fun!  So thanks Amanda!!!

2 thoughts on “You Capture: fun

  1. Manda says:

    Nice pics, specially Slim and the flowers of course, the chickens look real good too tho, hmmm so far so good with this header….umm…..maybe put black behind it now!! :-O Lots of messing with it huh!!! Ok see you later! Dont forget to delete my wrong name on the other posts, and sorry to all the readers for this comment making absoutely no sense.

  2. Julie says:

    I love the new blog look! and I love that first photo. gorgeous! 😉

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