There were few things I missed on this trip.  Most missed a warm shower, a soft bed, or a common comfort…and while being freezing cold at night wasnt my first choice – I slept fairly good every night.  And cold showers?  Just make showering quicker.  The one thing I did miss however, was my camera.  I took along a little point and shoot, and was amazed first off – that it actually worked.  Held together by rubber bands, it captured the moments I wanted it to, and for that I was glad.  But I never really understood the difference, I guess, between that camera (our first digital camera) and Nik.  Ok, I DID, but I never looked back.

I missed Nik this past week!!

I missed adjusting the lens so one thing was in focus, missed being able to get close up shots of things.  Missed everything about him, while I suffered through with his little cousin, HP.  I mean, obviously I didnt suffer…but you know what I mean.

This morning I happened to bring a bag of skittles down to the shop with me – and I apparently, have a  thing for shooting candy.  What can I say?  Its very rewarding.  Hint hint.

I missed being able to capture bright, vibrant candies, and sharing them with the world.  I did not, however, miss the flash spots on their shinny little spots!!

4 thoughts on “You Capture: Vibrant

  1. Colleen says:

    Yum! Well… kind of. Mostly I just like the red ones, but orange and yellow are okay too. I will not, however, eat the green ones!! Yuck!

    Anyhow… I like the colors. 🙂

  2. Julie says:

    looks fun! and I bet it was fun eating them too. 🙂

  3. Mira says:

    Nice colors! 🙂

  4. They are so pretty. I could totally go for a bag of those right now : ) I am off to find some at once! Beautiful!

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