I dont remember where I saw the idea, but when I saw it I thought “I HAVE to try that.”  This week, when things were, slow not so crazy, I took the opportunity to make bubbles.

Then I remembered this other Idea I saw somewhere else (again, I dont know where…sorry!!) and decided to try it as well.  The idea to make colored water and add oil.  Or, like the site I saw said to do – put water in a clear bowl, steady the bowl on some cups, and put a piece of colored paper underneath.

Either way.

Red Bubbly:

Then I turned to the animals:

Slim looked more like a scared cow, than anything else:

Mr red horns:

“Excuse me, but those are my horns”:

“Wanna fight?”:

Sweet devil kitty:

3 thoughts on “You Capture: Red

  1. julie says:

    love the bubbles. hope the animals don’t hold a grudge :).

  2. casey says:

    Oh my goodness, the cats are too funny! Great shots!

  3. Gina says:

    Man I need to try that sometime. I must stop putting it off.

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