This post is just going to be a random collection of thoughts and pictures from the week.  A small peek into what went on this week.  Nothing of importance, so dont feel like you actually have to read it all!

After the bridal shower on Saturday


Dan and David came to town.  Amanda, Rachel, and I took the ferry across to pick them up, and of course, as you can only really imagine, we were giddy beyond belief.  Laughing and talking and giggling like three girls can only do.  It was the last flight so the ferry was empty.  Which is probably good.  When we arrived, early, of course, we perched on the edge of the seats waiting for them to open the doors.  The airport here is small, two gates, but they usually only use the one.  From our position outside the glass we had a perfect view of the door.  On the opposite side of the glass two younger girls sat waiting for their plane.  One stared at us the entire time with a sour scowl.  We waved.  She did not.

We decided to play a trick on David, and sent Amanda to hide around the corner.  Rachel would play the roll of Amanda.  They swapped coats and waited.  Every so often Amanda popped out from behind the corner she was hiding behind to see if the plane had landed yet.  At one point a security guard walked around the corner, just as Amanda jumped out.  He jumped back and muttered a few words.  We exchanged looks and burst out laughing.

When the plane did finally land Amanda took her position behind her corner and with every person that stepped out we would say “Not him” “Not him” “Not him…unless he changed his hair”

He finally came off, and spotted us.

“He knows its not me” Rachel said.

“Just roll with it” I muttered back.

David came out of security.

“Wheres Amanda” were among his first words.  He didn’t fall for the joke that Rachel was Amanda, infact he knew right away that it was Rachel, even though they had never met.  About that time Amanda popped out around the corner and they hugged off into the other corner, while we stood waiting.

Dan finally came out – and after an introduction, followed by an awkward silence – we went to get our bags while David and Amanda continued to hug.  After finding and locating bags, we stood there.  Discussing nothing in particular.  About 30 minutes into things, a cop, the security cop, asked if we were waiting for a ride.

“No, no, were ok thanks” Someone informed him.

After a brief pause he nodded “Waiting on those two?” and pointed upstairs in the direction of Amanda and David.  “Better tell them were closing up, so they need to hurry it up”

We all nodded.

After telling them what the cop had said, we caught the ferry and headed home.


We woke up early, and loaded the car full of people and the dog.  We had to take her to an early morning vets appointment – where all seven of us gave her moral support in a bandage change.  An attempt at the court house was turned down because it was a holiday.  I think we fit a shopping trip in this day too, because food was going a mile a minute.  One trip at Walmart, we had loaded up with a case of cake mix, seven liters of 7up, and a pile of other misc items.

On one of our shopping trips – we ran into some people we knew – and had a good laugh when Dan met his match there.  The lady we knew was talking to him – and he suddenly played “Crazy.”  Neither one of them were really being serious, but the funny thing was they were both responding to each other like they were.  For instance – she said “And your name was?” Dan said “Ebenezer” without missing a beat, she followed up with “Well hello scrooge.”  Somehow he managed to keep a dead serious face the entire time while we were all busting up.

…was the beginning of the cake wars…

By cakes, I mean…cakes.  CAKES and lots of them.  I believe there was atleast one dozen cake mixes, atleast two dozen egg whites, dozens of cups of flour, sugar, and water.  And everything else needed to make a twenty story three-tier cake.

We made four cakes that size + three slightly smaller than that + two circles.

Two days were spent with that mixer and friends!

It was also the night of the rehearsal.

We brought two of the cakes to cook because they were taking so long, and picked up a pile of pizzas for the dinner.  After about an hour of rehearsal – it was party time with pizza and pop for all.

There was a small scare because the person that Rachel and I had put in charge of watching the cakes (since we were both bridesmaids/maid of honor) pulled it out too soon, and it sunk.  We were a little worried that we would have to make more.


Was the day to crunch.  We were suppose to meet at the church that night to start the decorating.  But we still had a lot to do to get ready!!

The baking of cakes continued.

Amanda had an idea to have white sticks at her wedding as decorations.  A few weeks ago she hauled in a pile of sticks to dry out.  And on this fine day we were to paint them.  We started out spray painting them outside – David was having a nice long go at one branch, when we realized he was actually painting a weed that was growing and not a stick!

Amanda attempted to hold the can backwards and ALMOST sprayed herself!

David and Dan took over the spray cans and eventually we were all inside with paint brushes hand painting each little twig.

Until dad arrived on the scene and offered his paint gun to spray them with.  This saved a lot of time and did a MUCH better job!!

Amanda had one last dress fitting, so while we finished painting sticks, she tried on her dress.

After painting the sticks Amanda wanted us to glue clear beads to the ends to make them shiny.  Another task that required deep concentration and patience!!

We we were still waiting on her flowers to arrive as well.  She had placed an order online and they were suppose to be delivered this day.  But after a phone call scare we werent sure!

Dad rented his suit – finally!

Earlier in the day David and Dan had cut pine and cedar branches to make the garlands Amanda had wanted.  In the middle of garland making, mom and I went to get her dad at the airport.

When we returned we made frosting, cut and stacked the bottom layer(s) of the cake, and frosted with what seemed like 100 pounds of frosting!

We were literally, building a cake from the bottom up!!

There was cherry jam in the middle – it looked almost like a murder scene!!

The flowers finally arrived!!

We were running late on our way out the door – having loaded two cars with everything we hoped we would need.  Boxes, rocks, painted sticks, the bottom layer of the cake that weighed atleast 15 pounds, the hand made garlands, and of course about 20 misc vases and pans full of flowers, vines, and other assorted greens.  Plus seven of us.  It was a tight fit.

The decorating party lasted until 1am.

And then…of course…


Most of the day was spent at the church.  Making final preparations.

The bottom layer of the cake was having some issues.  The frosting had melted some and slid off making it look like a total disaster.  It had spent the night in the fridge in hopes of letting it harden.  After frosting the mid section, we got to work on the giant bottom layer – and eventually pieced it back together.

Flower arrangements, final decorating preparations, and every other last minute thing.  Amanda ran home to shower while Rachel and I put the finishing touches on the cake, and flowers.  We were literally running around when people were starting to arrive.  At one point the pastor stopped Rachel and I and said “You do realize that in 30 minutes you will be walking the aisle as bride maids, right?  You will be ready, wont you?” Im not entirely sure what HE was worried about!!

As people filed in, we were handing our boutonnieres, mixing people up, and trying to find time to rush upstairs and get changed.  We went from cake making to dress wearing to running down the stairs and attempting to slowly walk up the aisle.  A fun rush, for sure!

Did I mention, that was one big cake?

…and then I think we all know what happened next.

After everyone had taken their places, special music and Bible readings – Amanda walked in and down the aisle to Cannon in D.  Our pastor forgot to seat everyone, and only a few people on stage (and the audience, of course) noticed.

After they were married, Amanda and David lit the unity candle – which wouldnt light at first.  Then the plan was to have mom and dad light the guests candles, and they would walk down a lit aisle to the song “Holy, Holy, Holy”

But they were a little nervous and took off walking before it was lit.

It was perfect, though.  Perfect in every way…and unique to them.  Fitting.  And simply wonderful.

Just like them.

But the week doesnt end there…



…was clean up day.  Apparently?  It is the maid of honors responsibility to clean up after the wedding.  Did anyone else know this?  I told mom to remind me to never be a maid of honor again.  I was joking.  Mostly.

We went to dinner that night, our whole group.  And laughed the entire time.  Some things just arent able to be explained, but Davids friend, Dan, was doing something David refers to as “Trolling” where basically he says something and sees if he can get a reaction from anyone.  His target?  The waitress.

Every word that started with “B” he would put emphasis on.  For instance “Big boy burger” Became: BBBig BBBBoy BBBUrger.  Putting heavy emphasis on the “B” so when he asked her about the “Buffet” she replied with “Big beef buffet” and he responded with “BBBig BBBBEEF BBBUFFET?”  To which she replied with “Big beef bistro buffet bowls” or something of the liking.  All of her words that she said started with “B” – this was just making matters worse.  He would repeat after her, getting increasingly louder and louder each time.  Needless to say we were all laughing while the waitress shook her head and walked off with her hands in the air.


Was a sad day – we said good bye to our grandpa and friend, Rachel.

The day eventually cleared up, however, and we managed to squeeze in a “Post wedding photo shoot!!”

While running around telling them to “Do this” or “Do that” I say, what I thought to be, the perfect position.  On the stair case – David and Amanda were at the top coming down, and Dan was at the bottom, almost all the way down.  “Perfect” I thought…and yelled for him to “Look up” which is when I realized the mistake I made.

Everyone else was laughing, while David told him to “GET OUT!!!”

After the photo shoot dad had promised to take David and Dan out shooting.

They couldnt get over how loud the guns were.

After one particular fire – one of them turned around yelling “GUYS?  ARE YOU HERE STILL?  HELLO?”


Was Church, then we took Dan to the airport – where his plane was nearly two hours late.  We sat waiting, placing orders through the glass for “Espresso milkshakes” and eating beef jerky to pass the time.

And that, pretty much concluded, our week.

Is it already Wednesday again?

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  1. sarah says:

    Wow. Busy week. That cake is huge. Great, fun photos.

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