I had so much fun looking over this recap last year, that I decided to do it again this year.


Parkers dad got married.  We went to our cousin, Trinas, funeral.  And from the looks of it, hung out with tweety bird.


We went on a road trip with a friend.


We began making preparations and left for England!!


We spent there!


We spent there and eventually said good-bye and returned home.


Was full of Summer-y fun.  I may have had a slight obsession with dandelions.  We had many birthdays – and way too much cake.  June was a very full month.


Started out good, we went to Juneau, but July ended on a very VERY tragic note.


Was spent reflecting.


Was the blog-a-thon.  And we left on our road trip to pick David up.  Tweety bird sadly, died.


Was full of storms.  And time well spent getting to know David.


Was a chaotic month.  David purposed.  We said good bye to David.  We rode bikes to town quite a bit this month, crazy…I know!


We finished all things Christmas up, and wrapped the year up.

Happy New Year!

One thought on “Year Review

  1. sarah says:

    What a wonderful year. Love your photos.

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