I couldn’t honestly tell you why, but I am in a bit of a panic at the moment.  My mind is racing, and I cant slow it down.  I cant focus long enough on one task to get it completed without wanting to move onto the next.  Its almost as if I feel that “Putting myself” on one task, frees me from the situation, and I can move onto another task, while that one is still getting done.  Except that’s not how it works.  All I want for Christmas is a clone of me.  Actually wait, no I don’t.

I have so many many scattered thoughts, and things I want to share, but much like my life, I cant focus long enough to say one thing!


First off – I need help!!!  Im suppose to be shooting pictures of Amandas Wedding in January…and…I don’t have ONE CLUE what I should expect or do, except that maybe I will pass out, or forget to charge the battery, or, you know, get there and start taking pictures only to find out that Nik doesn’t want to cooperate that day, and I will be screwed…surrounded by other people who probably already know what they are doing more than I do!  So…HELP!  Any tips?  Anyone whos shot a wedding before??  I have the lists of things to get etc, I mean the technical stuff is what I need help with.  Whats the best settings to shoot in?  What should my priority be?  If its dim lighting is a flash (external even) a bad idea??  I plan to practice with her before the actual wedding, but still…its nerve racking!

Secondly – I was just BLOWN AWAY today with a new idea.  I know just about every photographer out there LOVES them some bokeh.  Am I right?  Something about seeing the fuzzy little dots appear is just exciting, just me?  Well, a few days (?) ago I was stalking one of my favorite bloggers when I read this post – and I fell in love.  Not with the blogger (I already loved her and her blog).  Seriously, did you know they even MADE bokeh shapes??  I know, that’s not the technical term, but I like it.  I turned multiple shades of green and drooled some, then added it to my favorites the link and tried to forget about it.

Then today – this post – appeared – and I about shrieked.  Ok. I DID shriek.  At the same time my sister did – because she found the PERFECT dress (or whatever) and she thought I was excited for her, and I thought she was excited for me, so it got a little loud in here.  But that’s beside the point…


Ok Ok Ok.

Im sorry.

Really, Im not.  But I will say I am.

So I set to work.  “Give me BLACK PAPER!!” and “I NEED THIS DRESS!” were just some of the things yelled this afternoon.  I cut, and taped, and threw some paper – because it wasn’t WORKING and finally…after a little bit more research, I got it to work.  Que more squealing, and then I hauled Amanda over and had her stick her head in front of the lights and attempted to “Bokeh” the background and that didn’t work so well.

But the point is…

You can make these!  And atleast try them out to see if you like it!  Or if your like me, and are being a tight wad but want to be like the big kids, you can make your own knock of version, I wont tell.  Promise!

So there are my bits for tonight.

Really.  Go check out those links.  They are awesome!

And if you can spare…A little advice please?

Now on to the pictures:

My first cut out attempt just confused me, if was only making the PICTURE heart shaped…

So I did a little more searching, and discovered that if you put the paper on the lens (as apposed to the lens hood) it does much better…

Little hearts!  Ok, so maybe I need to work on my shape a little, this was my first try!

Attempted stars too…look more like boats!!

Or little pacmans!!

3 thoughts on “Sound bites

  1. I’m so glad you had fun!… but sorry it was frustrating! I used my lens hood and it worked great, so I wasn’t aware that it would cause problems for anyone.

    Was that the only problem you had? I hope so!

    1. CJ says:

      Yep that was my only problem, and it might not have been an actual PROBLEM, just me not sure what to do 😀

  2. Colleen says:

    Ack! Awww!! So funny!! I was innocently reading along and decided to click the links and saw that it was my blog that you linked to. Awww…. love ya right back!

    Anyhow… I’m glad you found a way to make the shapes on your own. Really, if I had known, I would have saved myself 25 dollars. I have made a few of my own shapes with scrapbooking punches. I don’t trust myself to make nice even shapes, so those help lots.

    As for weddings… I have zero experience with those, but I bet some portraits with the heart bokeh in the background would be cute! (Maybe not on the day, maybe in an extra session.)

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