“Im not short, Im travel size.  Fun size.  Snack size?”

There are many different ways to word it, but it still wont make me any taller than I am.  Its just the thing Ive been handed.  Which shouldn’t come as any surprise.  My sister is the tallest in our family, coming in at a whopping 5’4.  Or something like that.  I don’t know exactly.  Im 5’2.  Maybe a wee smaller, but I rounded up.  I wont tell.  It doesn’t help our case or argument about really being our age.  And it certainly doesn’t help when your trying to place yourself in a position of authority.

We help out at our Church kids group, AWANA.

More than once the kids have asked why we arent playing the games.  How come we get to tell them what to do.  And if we are twins.  They also have troubles believe us when we tell them…that we arent playing because we are too old, that we are “Working” there, and no we arent twins.

Here is a diagram of what it looks like:

It proves to be a challenge.  But unless I want to clump around in 10 inch heels, which is another story altogether, I have to accept my size (or lack there of) and haul a step stool (or taller person) around with me wherever I go!

It also?  Hasnt helped Amandas case – more than once, when shes told someone shes getting married…they respond with “But your not old enough!!”

And no, Im not complaining…I think its funny 🙂

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