• Don’t stick metal objects in the toaster before unplugging it.

  • Dust pan has been missing for weeks now.  Make mental note to call junk add companies and tell them their adds make good disposable dustpans.  But that’s about it.

  • Wonders: Is it really that people are drawn to my pile of dust every time I sweep…or is it that I make my pile right where people walk every time I sweep?

  • Another typo on customers bill.  It is spelled MOTOR not MORON.  Replace wiper motor.  Not replace wiper moron.

  • Talked on the phone to a customer while revising a complicated estimate…with parker sitting on my lap screaming.  I call it a success because I didn’t tell the customer “Love you” at the end of our convo.

  • Did you know if you run a war head under hot water – you can skip out on the sour – and get straight to the good stuff?

  • I wonder how come I can have so many thoughts until I pull up a notepad, and then they all scatter like dust.

  • …dust…I need to sweep, too many thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Random thoughts from the week

  1. Zoe says:

    Very random! I have the same sweeping problem, except it’s my cats and I think they do it on purpose. Beautiful flower photos!

  2. sarah says:

    Gorgeous photos.

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