Alternately titled “How I made all of our animals mad the same day”

This weeks You Capture is, Orange.  I was thinking “Oh perfect, Ive got this nailed” and went off in search of orange.

He humored me for the first shot*.

…and then it all went downhill.

I added Odo to the mix (they are, arch enemies, didnt I know?)

She was all “Save me from the evil that has come to behold thee” and Im sure he was thinking “How much longer”

But its cute, right??

Especially when I took Tomcat out of the picture

But then she told me to talk to the foot, and I took a hint.

And went downstairs and took pictures of…

Cake!!  Yes, the same person that ordered us cake LAST time, ordered us cake again!  Only we told him he was going to have to pay for it, I mean, at $80 a cake, we were going to go broke fast.  And so he did.  And it was only $4.  A steal!  But we got cake!

And then I saw this, and thought ha!  Fire hydrant!  Dog!  Orange!  Cute!

But she didnt think so.

And I stood out there telling her to “Sit!  Hit!  Hit, Slim, Hit!” (because she does this really cute thing when you tell her to hit) but she wouldnt do anything.  She even refused to look at the camera, and Im sure everyone wondered why I was telling a dog to hit.

And then she too was all “Im outta here”

Also – Since this is You capture – I figure there are a lot of photographers out there, I have a question that I posted on twitter – My friend and I are having issues (at the same time – again) with our cameras – there are little spots showing up on the pictures due to dirt or something on the mirror like things inside the camera.  Ive tried wiping it with the cleaning cloth he came with, and shes tried the suction/vacuum thing and weve had no luck (I just have lint all over the inside of my camera now, and she has to photo shop the spots off!!) So does anyone have any advice?  Help!

*I take their pictures every time this year, in the same outfits, generally speaking, last years pictures are hereI have an old picture from the year before of them when they first got those outfits – but I dont know where it is now!

4 thoughts on “You Capture: Orange

  1. Stillmary says:

    I love the costume on the cat. The orange is extra vibrant against that rich black coat. And the cake looks incredible and of course I like the hydrant since I did one too. Only I didn’t have a dog to add interest or maybe in his case, disinterest! lol

  2. Carrie says:

    Love your cat’s face with the costume – great stuff!

  3. A Manda says:

    I like these pics they are so cute!!!!!! 😀 Tom has a very unimpressed look on as he humors you as you take h is picture, and Odo has a hair clip in her fur.

    I WANT MORE CAKE!!! Let’s have a blog contest and the winner gets to buy us cake! 😀

  4. Sarah says:

    These are all great. That cake looks delicious!

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