I couldnt resist.  I had to post some pictures.  I had a “Thing” with getting “Up close and personal” to things this trip.  I mean, of course, with things like flower and bugs (something Ive never done before).  And now I really want a macro lens.  But here are some up close shots of bugs and flowers.










Pretty Pink


Sun Flower (check out the center – they look like little daffodils)




Wheat (I discovered that much like the horizon with the ocean – the horizon with a wheat field looks better when straight)


Lady Bug

Lady Bug – Lady Bug


Praying Mantas (this was a bit creepy to get – zooming in on his face and seeing his eyes so close)

My apologies for stating the obvious.  I couldnt resist.

3 thoughts on “Up close

  1. denverlori says:

    love the bugs!!

  2. I love to shoot close up. Sometimes I’m successful – sometimes not so much. These shots are great!

  3. Sarah says:

    Gorgeous photos. I love the wheat and the ladybug pictures.

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