Is that under that tree is a house!

Weve had a really bad storm here.  The power was our Friday night when we returned.  It was on part of the day Saturday, and Saturday night we had a major wind storm.  Trees blew down, power lines were down,  some trees even took out the power plant out north.  Someone said that the winds got up to 100 mph.

I believe it.

You could hear the winds coming.  Like a truck barreling down the road.  Then the whole house would shake, things would crash and rattle.  Repeat for a few hours Saturday night.

The neighbor (in the picture above) had two trees blew over on her house.  The last one knocking over her bunny hut.

The power just came back on about 3.  We heard that town/North no longer has power.  That they are shutting the power on/off in shifts and that we arent guaranteed any amount of time.

We dont get these kind of storms!!

Tuesday night we are suppose to get another one.  That is suppose to be worse.


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