{Day 17}

Let me try first to paint you a picture.

Yesterday was one of those days that ended with a loud bang. No pun intended.

I heard a quote, when we first started this remodeling project that any family that can survive a remodel can survive anything. Im beginning to really see the truth in that. When we started out, We knew it would take long, and cost more than we had originally planned. The costs would atleast double, and the time would double as well – it was ok – we were prepared.

But were coming upon close to a month, and were leaving town in less than a week, and well…

Were all kind of stressing. getting last minute freak out syndrome!

The bathroom is not finished. The counter is rotten.  There are random holes everywhere.  The dining room is painted, and mostly finished, except for the accent wall, and the trim. And and and…

And nothing is moving, and were crowded out, and things are out of place, and were low on money, and time…people, is running out. Its like the end of those TV shows where everyone is rushing around yelling and screaming while accomplishing NOTHING.

That’s been the day. Well, yesterdays day.

Last night after Bible study – I got dropped off at home to start dinner. Halibut that someone had given us. I got it all ready, put it in the over with a pan of home made fries and walked off. I came back about 15 minutes later, and realized the oven, was pretty cool. I turned it up, and walked off. Our over is about 50 degrees ahead, and when I came back to an oven on 400 and I could touch the pan, I knew something was wrong. So, I turned it over to broil, to see if I had any success or if the oven was completely broken.

And we had a winner. The oven was heating up, and heating up fast.

I was in the other room, when I heard something along the lines of – someone rattling the over racks. Thinking my dad was in there messing around, I muttered a few words, and went back to what I was doing – when I heard him come out of his room saying “What was that” and then I had no idea.

Had the cat jumped on the oven? Was really all that came to mind.

But no.

The pan? The glass pan? That held the prize halibut? Was no longer.

I would have laughed, except it just wasn’t funny…and instead I cried.

Because that’s just been the day.

Full of explosions. Full of hot tempers. Just. The all around bad kind of day that ends in explosions.

Its not the first pan Ive exploded – I have a track record – The first time I put moms-moms-moms pan on a hot stove. Yep. Shattered. Im always shattering, exploding, burning, something. Im dangerous in the kitchen…and last night was no exception.

Had things been going smoother? I probably would have laughed. And maybe even tried to salvage the halibut. But since the day had already gone to pot, it was 9:30 at night, and I just exploded what was suppose to be dinner in an over that didn’t work in a house that is torn up – and yep.

If we survive this remodel, it will be nothing short of a miracle.

But hey – atleast I got a post from it, yes?

“Whenever you’re doing a significant remodel, it makes sense to contact an insurance company and ask what sort of coverage you need.” – Unknown

Q. Can you use a glass pan to broil?   A. No — it is likely to crack into pieces, ruining your meat and messing up your oven.

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