{Day 15 – seriously!  1/2 way there!}

Its been a real fun week as far as the project is concerned.  Unfortunately weve reached the point where there are a bunch of loose ends that need tied up and finished – and we leave in…well…one week (gah!), but more on that later.

This weekend we painted.

Saturday we put primer on, and I didnt take pictures.  And Sunday we put the official coat on!

A workout if I dont know what.  They were just smaller rooms, but painting ceilings always gets us!  We didnt have the sticks to use so we were on the ladder, chairs, and anything else while bending backwards painting ceilings.  Plus we were watching Parker (whos four) and really wanted needed to help because hes a “Professional painter”- so he was slopping paint all over the walls, himself, the floor and anything else while we hurried to smooth it out before it dried.

But!  It looks SO NICE!!  Cant wait until it is ACTUALLY finished.

So close, yet so far.

Bathroom paint color:

You cant really tell, but the color was a version of white…on the blue scale.  A real nice color for a bathroom, nice and fresh.  You can sort of see the contrast between the white tub kit, and the white/blue walls.

You can sort of see, if you look hard enough – the green dry wall, then the white primer, and then the official color:

And this is the floor:

Hopefully it wont look so crappy when its finished, its just the floor sample pushed into the corner to see how it would look!  The counter top hasnt been done yet – dad said the counter itself is rotten so it is going to take a little more work, but its a marbled blue.  Also – the bright blue on the side wall is just a camera malfunction, not the actual color!

A little story that I dont know if I told or not. The counter top we got for the bathroom, the owners of the shop, gave it to us for free.  Apparently, the people they originally bought it for mishandled it and broke it, then started causing a problem.  The shop owners said they had no use for it, and since it was broke they couldnt resell it and said if we could get it out of their garage we could have it.  Its supposedly going to fit out bathroom counter PERFECTLY.  Plus the blue tint in the paint we got will go with the blue counter!  Talk about great timing!!

Dining room accent wall color, its a gray color – dont you just love the names?:

Dining room accent wall – that hasnt been painted yet, but will be gray eventually, or after we sand – ugh:

Excuse the mess, things have been HECTIC:

Anyways…thats where we are for now.  This next week will be a whirlwind – we leave on the ferry next Wednesday night for two weeks – plus AWANA starts, and we need to get everything finished!!

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