I used to wonder how people could spend hours upon hours on their knees praying. I mean, what DID they pray about all that time, how did they keep from not falling asleep or drifting off on other thoughts? But then I realized that if I said the name of each person I know who needs prayers, I would be there an awful long time. Or atleast longer than I am now.

I admit, my prayer life sucks. At night when I just want to fall into bed, I drop to my knees to thank God for another day, throw in a few names, and hope it gets there.

But today, I realized something.

There are a lot of people out there, who desperately need prayers.

Now Im just like the next guy, let someone else do it, I have enough to do, whats prayers even matter?

But seriously. There are a lot of people out there, who need prayers. People who are suffering and going through the most unimaginable pain possible. Some who don’t even know God or have a personal relationship with Him, and others who have maybe walked away.

Lately, I think Ive had my focus off. Again. Ive turned too much onto myself wondered about me, and how something has and will and maybe does effect me, instead of turning it outward and realizing that folks, there are a lot of hurting people out there. And some don’t even know Christ.

Some do, the ones I know that really need prayers badly, seem to be those who do know Him. And have great Faith, and Love the Lord. But still, their lives are being shaken and I cant even imagine how hard it is for them…

People like our neighbors and friends – who just lost their dad. Husband. Brother. Son. Those people are ALL OVER the world.

And yet I am too busy being sucked into my own life, because lets face it, things arent perfect here either. But still, I should, atleast, AT VERY LEAST, be able to lift up prayers for these other people who are going through much worse than I even have. Things that pale my life out, and focuses on what matters…and when I see people, who are being shaken to their core, on their knees, praising God, giving Him the glory, it shakes me a little.

Because I know I wouldn’t be doing the same. And while I ask God “Why them, why not me” I am shameful to admit that perhaps, He wouldn’t be receiving the glory He is now, if it were me.

I want to live for Him, not for me. I want to serve Him, not man.

I want to, but I find it difficult, so today, once again, I will refocus my perspective, put myself back in my rightful place, and ask God to help me live for Him. And pray. Pray for these people, all you really have to do is look around, click on a few links, find a few people to realize that your “Troubles” arent that bad, that maybe you arent the only one struggling.

One thought on “Prayers ARE needed everywhere

  1. I’m glad I stumbled across your blog its really interesting. Your a really good writer and your first caterpillar picture is amazing. It seems like you’re pretty hard on yourself. I’m gonna pray you cut yourself some slack. When I replaced all the shoulds in my life with coulds life got a bit better. thanks for sharing.

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