You Capture: Green

First off, When did July happen??

This weeks “You Capture” was a choice between Green, Hands, and Chairs.

I went with green, just because, well, everything around here is GREEN…and I didnt have any ideas for the other two.

Yes, Im a sucker for raindrops on leaves, or anything really…and I went out back and took more pictures…of green raindrops.

Sorry, but I love this next one a bit too much I think

And then these…I couldnt pass this by.  When I was thinking of what I could get for “Green” I thought of my cats eyes.  At certain times when you look in them, they look like little “Worlds.”  He has always been my subject for abuse willing participant, ever since I hauled him around dressing him up, to now…chasing him around the house with a camera…He was willing tho, for a few hugs and treats…

Also, Im guest posting at Bec’s today…go take a peek 🙂

5 thoughts on “You Capture: Green”

  1. My cats are coerced into being photography subjects too. Those water drops look like little jewels, but the forth one of the baby berry is my favourite, awesome photos!

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