PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily

This is my first time participating in this…not sure if Im doing this right, but I will give it a shot.  See what comes of it!

Remember Polly?  The little polish top-hat chicken we have?  Who was just a baby not that long ago?  About a week ago, dad brought her in.  Her head was bleeding thanks to her top-hat drawing attention.  The other chicks thought it looked different, and so they pecked it and when it started to bleed – there wouldnt be any hope.  Chickens go after blood, and Polly would have been dead.

So Polly has been living here.  With us.  For the past week.

Her head is healed, but she worked her way into our hearts – and lives.  And just about everyone elses too it would seem.

It just doesnt get much cuter than this, now does it?

“What, isnt this normal?”

Good night kisses

“I sense black mail…dont show my doggie friends this photo PLEASE!”

No shes not dead – shes sleeping.  Honest.

“Um.  Yea.  Put down the camera, and help a dog out”

“Hmmmm…Thats a bird…Im a bird…”

“So I can do that too”

They all get along just fine.  Save for a little jealousy on Tweety’s part.  She is one jealous little bird – shes turned into a devilish brat these past few days – screaming and flying, chasing customers, etc.  But all in all, they are good friends.

Just the three of them.

All of these pictures are SOOC.

2 thoughts on “Birds of a feather

  1. Kat says:

    Oh my WORD, that is adorable!!!! Seriously, so cute!!! 🙂

  2. I lobe it when animals don’t seem to know they aren’t suppose to befriends. Great photos.

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