Obviously Ive been away from the business for too long. Tell-tell signs are everywhere.

For instance, this morning while typing up an estimate, I was talking with mom and Amanda about our trip to Spain, we were talking about the water fountain that we had seen, and instead of typing “Replace upper and lower hoses” I typed in “Replace upper and lower water fountains”

But the biggest sign was yesterday morning.

Our first full day back into the swing of things…

The phone rang.

I answered.

The voice on the other end chirped happily “Well hello there!”

Clearly it was our grandpa.

“HI PAPA!” I belted out loud and clear…

Except that it wasn’t papa. And instead a customer.


Today I wrote out another estimate – and handed it to dad (thankfully) before handing straight to the customer.  He handed it back.  “Shift…has an “f” in it…” and I blushed as I scrambled to change what spell check hadnt caught.  Guess it WAS an actual word, just not the one I was looking for at 8am!!

I guess were back. Back to writing odd things, calling customers sweet pet names…and most likely, telling them how much we love them.

Were back.

Or atleast, trying to be back.

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