Some pictures are just too good to tweak with.  Even if I knew how to do that and end up with a good result.


If you think the frilly girl shirt on him is bad, you should have seen some of the dresses he wore in his younger years 🙂


She sat really still this year.  She doesnt usually tollerate clothes that well.  Not that I usually dress her up, but last year, she was Miss Stiff Body.  This year, she sat really still (in this position).  I was impressed.


I love her expression



These pictures just crack me up. 

We dont usually do Halloween.  This year we went “All out” and got a bag of candy, and some free pumpkins.  The candy was just because of the years past, where we always forget to turn the light out, and end up with a stray person or two: which always results in last minute running around, grabbing whatever candy/junk we have to give out.

We did a “Family activity” of carving pumpkins this year.  Which was different, but fun.  We were at the store, and discovered that they were givign out free pumpkins.  Miniture ones.  So my sister and I decided to make an activity out of it.  Amazingly, it went down without any fighting. 


(Dads, moms, my sisters, mine – yea, dont ask)


Good night!

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